Our Story

Smilepod Inc., which operates Dentou Photo, was established in 2015. It offers a service mainly for photographing people, for example children at school or family members together. In addition, it specializes in outdoor photography rather than studio photography.

Yuto Emori, the representative, was raised with an exposure to traditional Japanese culture. He grew up in a 90-year-old traditional house within the grounds of a temple, and his mother is a teacher of the tea ceremony.

Out of our strong desire for people to experience the goodness of Japan and keep memories of it forever, in June 2016 we began the photography service “Dentou Photo” for foreign tourists visiting Japan.

Visiting traditional Japanese locations, experiencing the culture through activities such as wearing kimono, visiting shrines, and drinking tea, and keeping memories in the form of photographs.There are places that we can show you precisely because our cameramen are locals!

In 2020, the Olympics will be held in Japan! We look forward to meeting many new people. If there is anything that we can assist you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Smilepod Inc.

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