Experience Japan, Capture Memories

What’s the best souvenir to have as a memory of your travels? Handicraft, food, places, experiences, relationships you build with the people you went with… We believe that photographs, which encompass all these things and more, are the greatest of souvenirs

Here in Japan, where we are located, there are interesting cultures and traditions that remain even today. Why not experience what’s great about Japan with us when you visit and take home photographs as a memory?

Some trips deserve more than selfies

Have you ever gone on a special vacation with family or loved ones and felt disappointed with the pictures you or someone else took? Or do you have unexciting photographs that anyone could take and you don’t look at anymore?

We have professional photographers in Japan naturally capture beautiful photos of everyone together while having fun.

Special Locations

We capture photographs at local places and facilities that are filled with the goodness of Japan such as private houses, shrines, temples, and pathways. This includes locations that we have contracted with and cannot be visited without us. Please enjoy our special and wonderful locations!

Experience Japan

In addition to the locations, how about being photographed while experiencing Japan? We also have plans where you can walk the streets while wearing kimono, Japan’s traditional clothing, participate in a tea ceremony, visit shrines.

At Dentou Photo we assign a concierge to support our customers. Together you will create a plan based on suggestions of good locations in the region that you visit and the kinds of photographs you would like to have taken.

Photo Gallery

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We’re so grateful that we have pictures to remember our special family vacation for years to come! We were really looking forward to visiting Japan, and not only the pictures but the experiences themselves are priceless memories. Our photographer was wonderful; he got along with our children and they were relaxed during the shoot. I’m already looking forward to looking over these photographs after my children have grown up!

The Carrico Family

We were able to preserve our once in a lifetime trip in the form of photographs. We would have been satisfied with just a few photos that we really liked, but we love all of them! We really enjoyed visiting the locations that you normally can’t and wearing kimono. When our family expands and we visit Japan again, we’ll definitely be making a reservation with Dentou Photo again!

Tyler and Erika

From before the shoot to the end, Dentou Photo surpassed our expectations, making it the highlight of our trip. This service was a fantastic way to invest our time and money. The photographs and the experience were the greatest souvenirs from our trip to Japan. Thank you!


Yuto, our photographer, was very skilled and our whole family had a great time. Not only did we get pictures of our whole family from the trip, but we have family photos of us surrounded by Japan’s beautiful environment. I’m so glad that we found this wonderful service. I highly recommend Dentou Photo!



YUTO EMORI / Representative Photographer

I was born and raised in Japan in an old, traditional house that is currently 90-year-old (and it’s still being used!). We hope we satisfy you with our service combining photography and Japanese culture.

We look forward to meeting you!

Take home memories, the greatest souvenir, through photography of Japanese locations and experiences.

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